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Thermo Parts B&H LLC. inherits more than 20 years of experience of Roma IUC de Venezuela, C.A. with subsidiaries in Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama. In the middle of 2019, it began its activities in Miami, Florida, dedicated to satisfying the market needs in the area of refrigeration systems for transport.

The support given by our clients allowed us to venture into new production areas, together with a team of technicians who have joined this dream becoming into a reality thanks to their trust. Today we can offer our services in thermal Insulation and refrigeration systems for vans and trucks, thus forming a company focused on solving and satisfying the needs of our customers.

Thermo Parts B&H LLC is specialized in transport refrigeration solutions for commercial vehicles, offering Class-A ThermoRoma transport refrigeration units sales, installation, reefer unit parts for all brands, as well as exclusive refrigeration insulation conversion for commercial vans.

ThermoRoma leading technology and environment-friendly is key in the highly growing transportation refrigeration industry. Our innovative solutions are rapidly changing business conception with its distinguished quality, performance, and technical competence for customer satisfaction.

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On March 2017, Business Initiative Directions (BID) selects Roma IUC De Venezuela C.A. to receive the award in the Gold category, of the International Arch Of Europe (IAE) Award, in Frankfurt, Germany, on July 1, 2017.

This award is the result of research and analysis carried out by Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and experts in Quality directed by Business Initiative Directions (BID), which recognize the contribution of ROMA IUC DE VENEZUELA, C.A. in terms of leadership, quality, innovation and excellence.


The IAE selection committee has been based on the criteria contained in the QC100 model of Total Quality Management. This model, in conjunction with BID's Quality Mix technology, will strengthen your leadership position and help improve the growth and visibility of your organization.

Arch Of Europe International Quality Award.jpg
IAE Award in Gold Category, 2017

Thermo Parts B&H LLC, represents the ThermoRoma brand, presenting its proposal for TOPCOLD units, manufactured in South Korea. It offers units for insulated bodies and modular thermal insulation kits for all types of boxcars and vans. Among the main characteristics of these products, the high refrigeration capacity and optimal level of sanitation stand out.

Our inventory has various models of forced cooling units, systems coupled to the vehicle engine and independent, and units with Stand-By or electrical self-determination, with different load capacities. We also offer the installation and customization of refrigerated boxes, vans, and a wide range of parts, accessories and supplies for transport refrigeration units.


​​Each person who is part of THERMO PARTS B&H LLC. She brings her knowledge and experience to all the projects in which our services are required.

We are responsible and effective in responding to the needs of our clients in real terms and in the most economical way.

We have all the necessary resources to be able to guarantee the requirements of our clients in time and quality.

Thermo Parts B&H is the authorized distributor of Dongin Thermo
in the United States of America
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