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Equipment and Installation Warranty

Warranty on new and used cars:

  • Thermo Roma will not be held responsible for damage, defect or malfunction caused by poor maintenance, prior to receiving the vehicle.

  • Thermo Roma will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the external or internal structure, which may affect the insulation or the operation of the refrigerated unit.

  • Thermo Roma will not be held responsible for any damage or malfunction: electrical, structural or motor related to improper maintenance.

Thermo Roma units are covered by a warranty for 12 months from the date of installation, free from defects in material and workmanship, under the conditions indicated below:

  1. If you require warranty service or repair during the warranty period, simply present your copy of the Service Record Sheet.

  2. Before the end of the twelfth month of warranty coverage, the unit must be presented, at the customer's expense, to our location for inspection.

  3. The inspection will verify that the unit has been properly maintained and any upgrades or repairs deemed necessary will be made. Subject to satisfactory inspection. 3. In any event, Thermo Roma's sole obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, defective Products. Four.

  4. The provisions of this Limited Warranty do not apply to Products:
    - used for purposes for which they were not designed or intended;
    - that Thermo Roma's standard warranty terms and conditions have been repaired or altered without Thermo Roma's prior written consent;
    - that have been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence or accident;
    - that have been stored, installed, maintained or operated incorrectly;
    - that have been used in violation of the written instructions provided by Thermo Roma;
    - that have been subjected to unsuitable temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions;
    - that have been affected by normal wear, erosion and/or corrosion;
    - that do not reveal a breach of warranty, at the sole discretion of Thermo Roma.
  5. This Limited Warranty is transferable if the customer gives advance written notice of the transfer or sale of a Product to a new owner. This Limited Warranty will cover parts and labor only. This Limited Warranty does not cover overtime, travel, travel-related costs, vehicle replacement costs, or vehicle rental-related costs.

  6. All maintenance, service and repair work must be performed by Thermo Roma, and only original Thermo Roma spare parts must be used in such work. Strict failure to comply with these requirements will invalidate this Limited Warranty.
  7. The limited warranty provided herein also does not include consumable or maintenance items, including but not limited to oils, greases, lubricants, fuses and all parts not supplied by Thermo Roma, Any warranty repairs performed by Thermo Roma will not extend the term of the Limited Warranty.

Thermo Roma standard warranty terms and conditions.

  1. This limited warranty does not apply to failures that occur as a result of failure to follow the recommended operating practices and service and maintenance procedures set forth in this manual. Note: If the transmission kit damages the road compressor, the compressor failure is not covered.

  2. This limited warranty is void if the owner and/or operator fails to strictly adhere to Thermo Roma's recommended preventive maintenance schedule.

  3. Thermo Roma reserves the right to audit any claim and, if found to be invalid, to collect the amount credited.

  4. This Limited Warranty does not apply to unique or specially manufactured Products, and/or Products that are manufactured outside the scope of the standard product specification. This Limited Warranty only applies to Products that are manufactured to standard Product specifications. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and all warranties arising from course of dealing or trade usage, except title and against infringement. patent. Limitation of Liability: Thermo Roma shall have no liability in contract or tort (including negligence or strict liability) or otherwise, for any injury.

Parts and Accessories warranty

All parts and accessories are sold by Thermo Parts B&H LLC as-is. Any warranties on the parts or products described below are those of the manufacturer or distributor of the parts or products. The dealership hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, express and implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the same. The dealership neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of said parts or products. Customer shall not be entitled to recover from the dealership any consequential damages, damages to property, damages for loss of use, loss of time, loss of profit or income, or any other incidental damages. This disclaimer in no way affects the provisions of any manufacturer or distributor warranties.

What Is Not Covered

​• Defects, malfunctions or failures resulting from accidents, misuse, negligence, misapplication, modification, alterations,
tampering, disconnection, improper adjustments, improper repair, improper diagnosis, incomplete repairs, or use of fuel, oils or lubricants other than those recommended in the Owners Manual for the vehicle.
• Damage or failure due to improper maintenance or lack of required maintenance.
• Damage or surface corrosion from the environment such as acid rain, airborne fallout (chemicals, tree sap), stones, salt road hazards, hail, wind storm, lightning, floods and other natural disaster.
• Normal operating noise, vibration, wear, tear, discoloration, fading or deformation.
• Items that require scheduled replacement at intervals specified or recommended for the vehicle.
• Replacement parts or accessories installed on any vehicle registered or normally operated outside of the United States.
• Replacement parts, or accessories installed on a Vehicle in which the odometer has been altered, or on which the actual mileage cannot be readily determined.
• Damage or failure caused by parts or accessories not supplied or approved by official manufacturer.
• Any replacement part or accessory without proof of purchase or replacement date.
• Labor charges for the removal or re-installation of parts or accessories that were not originally installed by an authorized vehicle dealer.
• If the vehicle has been classified a total loss and/or sold for salvage purposes or branded for any other reasons.
• Removal of the vehicle from the warranty covered market for which it was produced.

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