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Best units for refrigerated vans.

We are pleased to present you our premium refrigeration system for vans: the DM-110PR reefer unit.

This Korean-made, Class-A ThermoRoma unit is ready to make a positive impact in the US market. It is designed for vans between 247sqf and 565sqf (7~16㎥). Providing temperature service down to 4°F (-20°C) with an ambient temperature of 86℉ and panel thickness of 3.9”.

It is built with a roof mount condenser and an ultra slim evaporator, with optional oil separator. It has a 147 cc, 12V 360W TM-15 compressor and defrosting stage is carried out by hot gas bypass. The total weight of the installed equipment is 67 Kg.

In highway operation it provides 32 ℉ with 12,960 BTU/h and 4 ℉ with 7,020 BTU/h.

These units work with 1.3 Kg volume of environmentally friendly refrigerants R134-A and R404-A (depending on their application).

The command control is located in the cab of the van, which guarantees a complete operation of the equipment free of humidity, and UV rays.

With over 25-year of experience, representing Hwasung Thermo in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Panama among other Latin-american countries, and working Thermo King and Carrier units, we are committed to our customers, through the best in-class transport refrigeration units and the best customer experience.

All that led us to obtain the Gold category, at the 2017 International Arch Of Europe Award,

in Frankfurt, Germany.

With all that said, we invite you to visit us or contact us looking to work with you on your next project for your business. Contact us!


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