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Benefits of Electric Standby Reefers

Wherever you are transporting refrigerated or frozen goods, cold product must remain consistently cold. Meaning that maintaining the proper temperature comes at a cost.

That's why in the last few years, people and tending to use electric standby reefer units and reducing Operating Costs by up to 70%. These electric standby refrigeration units are providing transport refrigeration companies with flexibility in how they keep temperature-sensitive loads cold and delivering several business benefits. And it is just for the fact of switching to electric power when the truck or trailer is idle. The trigger for the switch is not other than the cost of electricity vs diesel fuel cost. As the use of hybrid cooling systems grows, so does the long list of impressive financial benefits.

Other Benefits of Electric Standby Reefers

  • Fuel cost saving

  • Reduction in emissions

  • Trucks or trailers can be both cold and silent when running on electric power, this is especially helpful for businesses that operate near residential areas.

  • Save on the cost of maintaining a diesel-powered refrigeration unit

In addition, cooling units are not only getting lighter and more efficient, they are also safer and “smarter.” Let's just bring the fact of the risks associated with connecting and disconnecting high-voltage systems that have been covered by features that keep users safe in those situations. Today days some systems can even sense tension, such as in a drive-off situation, and respond appropriately.

Features like remote start/stop capability, system monitoring, and temperature sensors and probes are also becoming more common. Diagnostics and alerts are also available as well. Things like configurable alerts, door status alarms, maintenance-due notifications, and utilization reporting make it even easier to capitalize on the energy efficiency and other benefits of electric standby reefers.

Whatever is your business requirements for product transportation, do not hesitate in contact us for more info.


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